Ginger candy is a delicious name

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Ginger candy is a delicious name, originated in southern China, is made from ginger extract ginger juice and brown sugar mixture. At present, most of the candies sold in supermarkets are solid candies, refined with high-grade starch, and in the south, glutinous rice is added to make ginger sugar dough. Because ginger has the function of removing dampness and cold, it can also reduce the bitterness and astringency of the population when the mouth is dry and the tongue is dry, so it is especially suitable for Southern humid climate and Northern rainy season.
Ginger candy is a delicious name
Ginger candy originated in the south, Fenghuang specialty in Western Hunan and Qufu specialty in Shandong. It is made of ginger juice extracted from ginger and brown sugar. In Fenghuang tourist area of Western Hunan, Li's ginger and Zhang's ginger are the most famous.